Project Finance

Project Finance

GazMin International has been and continues to be a vast multifarious organization while successfully advising and structuring projects and is also capable of arranging funds for infrastructure projects. We guide on highly complex matters, including policies, strategies, and financial resolutions.

Our management team includes experienced professionals who are focused on fundraising against Sovereign Guarantee, Letter of Guarantee, Government Bond, Bankable Instruments, Barter terms, terms of PPA, BOT, and such instruments used are to be insured. These instruments are used where the source of debt repayment is limited to the cash flow generated by the underlying government project with no or limited recourse to the project. It has been widely used specially to invest in large-scale projects worldwide due to such alternative characteristics.

Our in-depth finance, industry knowledge across various sectors, and regional expertise enable us to discover opportunities for our clients to acquire financial assistance for multiple projects to achieve their strategic objectives of serving citizen’s needs. Our corporate finance professionals have considerable experience in negotiating lower interest rates, easy repayments and any such transaction concerning secured collateral structuring in finance.

Our project finance and advisory team offers shrewd advice on the viability of the proposed project, furthermore, works and guides clients through the full project funding process to make sure that the project has the maximum potential to achieve successful third-party funding. We also support our clients in their strategic objectives with comprehensive advisory and execution capabilities in project finance and growth strategy.

We also oversee the execution process, including managing, due diligence, advisors, and provide negotiation support. We follow Financial Projections Models, Feasibility Studies, Project Viability, Finance Collateral, Payment & Reimbursement Plans, Financial Due Diligence, Project Valuations, Inflation, and Currency Devaluation and Mitigating risks in cross-border transactions. The goal is to help investors better understand and assess the market opportunities available. We remain committed to take a lead role in the development of infrastructure projects to sustain long-term economic growth under lawful government regulations without the involvement of any third party.

“ We believe that the relationship between Clients and Investment Bankers is built on integrity, trust and accessibility. ”

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