Our Team

Our Team

We believe our team is our greatest asset, so we bring together the brightest and most talented individuals in our team to deliver excellent service to our clients. Our team comprises of individuals who specialize and are experienced Finance Advisors, Risk & Insurance Advisors, EPC Consultants, Legal Advisors, Market Analysts, Business Development Advisors. Our team works with industry experts around the world and thus brings global perspectives to meet regional challenges.

We attract the most talented people and inspire them to reach their highest potential through a deep commitment to career development. When partnering with GazMin you can expect significant engagement with veteran dealmakers, first-class transaction execution and the highest standard of confidentiality and discretion. Our team comprises of experienced and innovative professionals who create value through extensive knowledge of local and international markets and access to key decision-makers and specializing in start-to-finish project management solutions. Our knowledgeable and veteran team offers solutions from initial concept and site selection phases, through to operational handover, with continued client support.

“ We measure our performance not by temporary results but by the long-term success of our clients ”

CEO & Founder

Ashok Sagar

Ashok Sagar is the Founder of GazMin International with a vision to become a global Oil & Energy Project conglomerate that catalyzes growth by expanding to build required projects to develop the country’s progress and expanding its company portfolio and supporting its customers. His passion for international trade has induced him in the formation of the GazMin Group to deliver services that are out of reach. Clients across sectors benefit from his vast experience, depth of knowledge, analytical approach, and his ability to provide meticulous, practical solutions.

With his extensive background and experience, he has been a significant influencer in matters related to Finance, Strategic Planning, and International Business Relations and developing a better growth of the organization. With over 25 years of experience in critical areas of business existing in Corporate Management, Project Management, Finance Development, Business Development, he possesses an in-depth experience in various parts of the World. He has a proven background with regards to improvising businesses and unit corporations towards a common goal of profitability and leadership.

His association with business leaders, reputed companies, and highly experienced professionals around the globe has provided a strong backup to formulate the business plan for GazMin Group to venture into our respective stream of activities. His integrity and motivation with affiliates and customers around the World forge the company ahead and has an extremely strong support network that encourages dynamic partnerships with major companies and Governments in various countries. Behind his great success lies his venturesome and entrepreneurial spirit, and therefore his greatest asset remains to be his vast experience.

A social, friendly, and insightful person, Mr. Ashok Sagar, along with his team, always travels extensively to discover the best sources of services for various projects. His concern for caring parties’ interest keeps him awake, searching every alternative that may go in favor of his valued counterparts.

Director of Business Development

Mohit Sagar

Mohit Sagar has done his BA Hons in International Business from Middlesex University- Dubai. He has many talents and is exceptionally ambitious, credible, and has a strong work ethics among the many qualities that he possesses. His role as the Director and Head of International Marketing at GazMin International has evolved tremendously.

He heads the Project & Marketing division of the Company, which includes the Oil & Gas Projects, Energy Projects, and Construction Projects. He has been intrinsically involved in setting up the Turnkey Project solutions for many projects and has been an integral part in accomplishing the executive management’s long-term strategic view on projects across the African and Asian Sub-Continent and beyond. He continually strives to deliver beyond expectations.

His professional expertise lies in Marketing and Business Development. Mohit, being the youngest leader, continues to create a legacy that speaks volumes of growth, with a vision to lead the company to the next level Message: “Excellence endures and sustain. It goes beyond motivation into realm of inspiration”

“ We measure our performance not by temporary results but by the long-term success of our clients ”

Marai Al Ahmari

Managing Director

Mr. Duaij Khalifa T. Al Jiri

Honorary Board Member

Volker U. Friedrich

Business Executive & EPC Advisor
European Region

Dr. Oscar Kashala

Business Executive & Project Consultant
African Region

Mr. Jorge Correia Santos

Business Executive – West Africa
Director of The West African Region

Mr. Ahmed Sibda

Regional Director - Africa

Rajesh Ram

Finance Consultant

Ms. Fiona Qu

Business Executive - China & South East Asia

Ms Niu Hong

Business Development Manager

Sahiba Chugh

Legal Consultant

Dr. Bushra

Marketing & Business Coordinator

Mr Robin Tian

Regional Manager – China