Strategic Approach

“A model through which we provide end to end project life
cycle support market”

Strategic Approach - Target Market Strategy

Target Market Strategy – Complete market study including demand and supply, SWOT and related market analysis

Project Feasibility Report – Factors that would affect the overall viability of the project.

Project Contracting Strategy – Most appropriate contracting strategies in order to develop a win win scenario

Pre-Qualification Supports – Identify and develop key evaluation criteria in order to shortlist contractors.

Project Risk Assessment – Assess market related risks associated with projects.

Contractor/Sub Contractor Due Diligence – Identify contractors / sub-contractors strengths / weaknesses in terms of capability, existing commitments, reputation / credentials on previous projects and access to labor and suppliers. Conduct thorough due diligence on contractors to understand any financial risk or capability risk that they may pose to a project.

Strategic Approach - Project Risk Assessment
Strategic Approach - Project Finance

Project Finance – To raise the funds required via Sovereign Guarantee, Letter of Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit, Long Term Deferred Payment  Promissory Note, Public Private Partnership, Build Operate Transfer or Build Own Operate Transfer basis.

Cost Effective and Timely Solutions – Strive to achieve timely delivery of Project in a seamless manner while at the same time adding value to the project.